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Thursday, August 21

Does Genevieve Nnaji Prefer South Africa to her home country?

   South Africa must be so special for Genevieve Nnaji to say she prefers the country to hers. Wondering if it is just about their coffee?
The Nollywood actress took to her Instagram early Thursday morning to post an picture of herself, drinking coffee or tea and wearing a blue-black tee which had a bold "Bla Bla Bla" inscribed on it over a distressed pair of jeans.
The actress who is currently in South Africa captioned: "South Africa has got the best #YupIsaidit"
Given that she had the 'bla bla bla' going on on her t-shirt (saying you guys cabn say whatever you want to say) and she is mincing no words .What do you think Genevieve was referring to?
What is that thing South Africa has that is better than Nigeria?