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Sunday, August 17

CELEBREGIONTV :VIDEO:Female DJ Frizzie Talks the Industry,Upcoming Projects and Her Mentors

CelebregionTV hooked up with DJ Frizzie .The Nigerian  female DJ talks how she has been coping  in a male dominated industry .
   "Well I dont see the industry to be male dominated, i see it to be just an industry ,its been good, the males are always happy to help or see a female DJ'.
  But she has people she looks up to and inspires her "I started out by loving deejayKlem ,he is a producer, Dj Soupamodel,she is  a nigerian female DJ,but she is based abroad and also love Jimmy jatt, exclusive .

Earlier this week, Dj Frizzie released her summergirl mixtape Video Mix . Watch the full interview video below.