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Friday, May 18

Nigeria's Bigbrother Representatives ,Chris and Ola Exit StarGame

Ola and chris
   Nigeria's BigBrother stargane representatives  Ola and Chris are out of the running for the USD 300 000 prize!
  In their Diary Session today, Ola and Chris sat with heavy hearts, prompting Big Brother to ask them what was on their minds. 
    Ola broke the ice by declaring that after consultation with the House Doctor, he would like to Voluntarily Exit the Big Brother House. He said that he has thought about it and since the medication he is on does not seem to be taking well, would like to seek medical attention outside of the Big Brother House.   
     A sombre-looking Chris added that he understands completely. "Yes, this is a game. However, we can’t play with our lives." “Health is wealth”, Ola added.   The two were instructed by Biggie to leave the Diary Room and speak to their fellow Housemates, to explain the situation. 
   The two Nigerian Housemates have to leave the House with immediate effect, seeing as their Voluntary Exit has been prompted by a serious medical condition that needs urgent attention.


  1. I wish Ola a safe health and Gudluck. Luv u.

  2. I'd appreciate the show of emotions by other housemates,gallant action by d nigerians,and both were really loved.

  3. I will miss Ola and chris and wish Ola a sound health. This is a lesson to our do or die rulers who are surppose to be leaders that if u can handle ur office is better to take a bow.

  4. Ola, didnt Ўõµ know before the show that Ўõµ av HBP. Ўõµ wouldn't av bordered to come to the show i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ 1st place. Ўõµ made Ūя̲̅ fellow housemates nd viewers to fall inlove with Ўõµ , and nw turn arud to •̸Ϟαkξ evry1 cry. I ask myself, is this all A̲̅n act or what?