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Thursday, April 19

Young Bollywood actress kidnapped, Beheaded by Costars

Meenakshi tapa

   A young Bollywood actress, Meenakshi Thapar, was allegedly kidnapped and later beheaded by two actors in an attempt to extort 1,500,000 Rupees.
  Thapar, 26, appeared in the Indian horror film “404″ where she met two aspiring actors who reportedly killed her on the set of her new movie “Heroine..
     Amit Jaiswal, 36, and his lover Preeti surin , allegedly decided to kidnap Ms. Thapar after listening to her boast about her family’s wealth and status in Dehra Dun, in the Himalayan foothills of northern India.”
 Times of india  reports the accused had met Thapar during the shooting of 'Heroine' a few months ago and had planned to extort money from her family, believing that she came from an affluent background. They convinced Thapar to travel with them to Uttar Pradesh for a film assignment . 

    On their return to Mumbai, they started exerting pressure on Thapar's family for money. They falsely told her family that she was in their clutches, and that they would 'kill' her and post objectionable photos of her on the internet if they did not fork out the ransom money. 
Although her mother paid 60,000 Rupees,Thapa was killed shortly,“She was strangled to death, beheaded, and her body was dumped at two different sites as her killers made their way back to Mumbai. Her torso was dumped in a water tank and her head thrown out of the bus window in a bag on the road to Mumbai,".
  The crime branch, along with the Amboli police, had arrested the accused on Saturday.


  1. wow this is is so cruel,people are wicked

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