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Sunday, March 4

Nigerian Singer Kefee Re-marries

keffy and teddy gets married

  Nigerian Gospel singer Kefee obareki got married for the second time to her lover teddy esosa of Star FM on saturday March 4,2012 in Delta state .
The couple we learnt have been dating for a while . Kefee's ex-husband ,Alec Godwin recently remarried too.

Congrats to the couple!!!


  1. I don't think this keffe is a true christain, cos if she is, she is suppose to know that the bible is not in support of this wicked act against better you go circular and stop claiming a gospel artist. Shame on you

    1. The bible permits divorce on the grounds of marital unfaithfulness. Do you want her to remain single because her husband left her?? Please, Christians should not be quick to judge. I wish her all the happiness she deserves

  2. You do not have any right to judge anybody's ways if you have not walked in their path. You are not any better.