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Friday, February 3

American Comedian Eddie Murphy Victim of Death Hoax

     Moments ago,Popular American stand-up comedian and actor,Eddie Murphy was trending on twitter with the hashtag  RIPEddieMurphy.
  New York based rapper Joe budden first tweeted that the Popular comedian is dead and it became a trending topic .It was confirmed that Murphy is alive but the confusing part was the rapper confirming the death.

Budden tweeted : RIP Eddie Murphy. Another legend gone.
B4 y'all ask... I don't play the rumor game w death & it's an extremely serious subject to me... He's gone. 

Update:Joe has apologized for tweeting about eddie Murphy's death

   The same thing happened last december when it was reported the comedian died in a snowboard accident .


  1. joe budden just want to revive his dead career with another man's hoax,LMAO

    1. I think yhis is too expensive a mistake! Next make sure b4 any publication.