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Friday, January 27

DJ SoupaModel Project - "Who is DJ SoupaModel?

That's the question a lot of people have been asking.
Some know her as the 1st Female DJ from the continent of Africa, some know her as the best Female Producer, making a staggering impact in today's  music production scene.

    DJSOUPAMODEL (Aderonke "kehinde" Olatunde)..Originally from Nigeria (Osun State), residing in Washington DC,  is the definition of  Talent, Creativity, Consistency, and a Catchy Personality.

     Currently the CEO of MusicBlvdGroup, a full blown music production company, specializing in all facets of music production (artists, tv, film, commercials), artist management, artist development, apparel sponsorship, and so forth. Till date, she has worked with top clients such as Wyclef, Jason Derulo, Mims, Soulja Boy, Nappyboy(T-pain), and the list goes on.  2012 is already a super busy year for her as she's working on materials for major artists, Film and TV in the states, and  International artists from Nigeria, France and  the UK as well.

According to DJSOUPAMODEL, "you cant define my'll hear a little bit of everything, with a weird twist.".."my production does not sounds like anyone elses' and thats my nitch"...
   She is also a member of CoreDJs(World's #1 coalition of influential DJS) and a DJ under NappyBoy(T-Pain).

 project is currently in works. According to DJ SOUPAMODEL, " this by far has to be one of the most important projects i've ever had to do". It will showcase my production, writing, and composing skills..let actions speak, less talk. This will also feature some of your favorite artists out there today. This is an international project. I've also chosen to get a few unknown artists with GREAT potentials  on the project..but very selective. You'll hear about it. :)

First single, "NUMBER" featuring  a friend of mine, the RnB Crooner "Brian" from Day 26 is slated to be dropping in a few weeks. Stay Tuned!

In the meantime, here's a couple of tracks produced by DJSOUPAMODEL. You just might hear it on the project. PLEASE BRACE YOURSELF and have good headphone/speakers on...before you listen:)

Back Again

Can I Be

Can't stop With High Drops