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Monday, December 26

Twelve Up and Coming Nigerian artists That Should Blow Up in 2012 did it in 2010 ,and all the artistes (Tiwa savage, Wizkid, Iceprince, Funbi and emmsong )listed  are doing well now . Many songs  have been released by many talented Nigerian artistes in 2011 and here is OUR OWN list of artistes that should blow up in 2012 .We have been compiling the list for a while now . These artistes have not released any album but have made impact one way or the other .  

In no particular order ;

1. Dammy krane - This artiste is one of the very talented few we have ,he has released few catchy singles and featured in many good songs like the recently released   legacy by Rilwan. In 2012 ,it's no doubt dammy  krane would finally blow up if placed on the right platform.

2.Davido- He came into the scene with another artiste NPZ  in the song "african champion" and later released his first banging  single "back when "that featured Naeto C , also sauce kid's carolina  . Davido wrapped up 2011 with  damiduro that has turned to an anthem . In 2012 he should finally blowup and get nominated for many awards.

3. Phenom- This is a rapper that we should all watch out for in 2012. Signed to Knighthouse and featured in DJ klem's mixtape .With singles like Journey into sound with sauce kid ,Omo naija and Mocheddah's single see me , there is no doubt he would  finally be recognized  in 2012.

4. Shaydee - Shaydee released a catchy single "love like you used to" last year and he has since featured in hot singles like kel's shayo and vector's throwing away my sorrow . With the right platform , he is a talent that would surely be recognized in 2012 .

5. LKT - The fuji-pop singer came into limelight after featuring in Olu Maintain's hit song yahooze  .LKT has since released his own hit singles like follow follow  featuring P square . Edlyne records will definitely take him to a greater height in 2012 just like the Late Dagrin and DJ Zeez.

6.May D- If you are wondering who he is ,just go and listen to Show dem camp's farabale .He sang the catchy hook on the song  .Signed to P square's square records ,he supported P Square in their last album "the invasion" with his voice on almost all the tracks in the background.He currently  has a hot single "soundtrack" on air with a video to be released soon.With the platform he is on now, he would definitely blowup in 2012.

7.Praiz - Praiz came into the scene through first MTN project fame in 2008 .The R&B singer  came third  and released a catchy single 'A woman's need'  after .He also featured on rapper MI's MI2  album .Praiz has since signed to Extreme music with singles playing on air. He would definitely be recognized and nominated for awards  in 2012 .

8.Eva-She is a unique female rapper that has been on her grind for a while. Eva was on  first Nigerian  BET Awards cypher this year and she performed very well  .She also recently released  an EP that featured many nigerian artistes. With the right platform and packaging ,she would finally blow up in 2012 with many awards.

9.Skales- 2012 will definitely be skale's year . He has been touring and performing at different concerts across and outside Nigeria with his labelmates Banky W and Wizkid. He recently released two hot singles Mukulu and Keresimesi .Those two would definitely get him nominated for many awards in 2012.

10.Hakym The Dream-Hakym,the artiste/producer  has released many catchy singles including recently released scooby doo with a video by clarence peters.The recent signing with Serengeti music would definitely take him to the top in 2012.

11.Femi-The R& B singer signed to kennis Music got the Best R&B at the Headies 2011 .With his debut album on the way and kennis behind him , he would definitely be one of the top artistes in 2012 .

12. Mention your own artiste(s) below if he/she is not listed here 

P.S-Many people would mention brymo, but he released an album  'Brymstone" in 2008 before joining Choc.City last year .Aside that ,everybody should watch out for his album under chocolate city.


  1. So Where Is Ketchup The Artist Behind The Hit "Novou

  2. Heard dis dude ENDOS on 2face's im feeling Good Remix, the boy dey try sha songs like African Girl & Lie Lie, is making waves in my state i think he is a producer too Hurikane Beatz or so.. I think he'll Go Places next yr.

  3. happy that most of my people are there, eva,davido i see u

  4. Jhybo should be on dis list,but those on d List are all on Point..

  5. Yeah this dude saint kross also on track heard his joint with fr3style...very commercial

  6. Why did you not include rilwan himself

  7. Yeah... Why isn't the Rilwan fellow included? Legacy is a madt jam.

  8. I would prefer u put MIC5, he is a fucking good rapper and PRYSE also, even KHALI ABDUL

  9. dem menn u guys er fuckin krazzi dy er dem gud 9ice rappers and RandB artist ya shuld av included nt som moni spoit kid dat dnt kw wat to do wit moni so dy flop in2music,mtcheew!! my count dwn hia jor nonesense,(1)Ghetto P (2)iceberg (3)5mic (4)godwon (5)phenom (6) jhybo (8)chidimma 'projet fame'(9)w4 (10)Dannyjay

  10. dem menn u guys er fuckin krazzi dy er dem gud 9ice rappers and RandB artist ya shuld av included nt som moni spoit kid dat dnt kw wat to do wit moni so dy flop in2music,mtcheew!! my count dwn hia jor nonesense,(1)Ghetto P (2)iceberg (3)5mic (4)godwon (5)phenom (6) jhybo (8)chidimma 'projet fame'(9)w4 (10)Dannyjay