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Wednesday, December 7

Ludacris and daughter launch Children's Educational Website

Luda and daughter

   Ludacris' daughter, Karma Bridges is now an entrepreneur at the young age of 10, after her father launched a new children's website dedicated to her. is an interactive website designed to teach children grades 1-6 math, geometry, science and give lessons about the importance of having good morals. The site features games, stories and original songs with educational lyrics. screenshot

   Ludacris says the site is dedicated to his 10-year-old daughter, Karma, who inspired the idea after visiting him in the studio and expressing her dreams of one day entering the music business like him.
"She kept telling me how she waned to be a singer, so I thought 'this is perfect, but it needs to be about what's going on in your life' and her life right now is pretty much school," Bridges says.
    The site features original pop songs with clever educational lyrics that teach kids lessons in math, seasons and weather, gravity and space, and planets and the solar system, as well as ethical and social responsibilities like manners, honesty and not bullying.The site also features a section for teachers and parents that will help them expand lessons taught in the classroom and at home.
    Ludacris also  saw the venture as an opportunity to nurture his daughter's entrepreneurial spirit and business savvy.
"She's the CEO and I'm the VP," he jokes, describing her role in creating the site as very hands on with input on character names, such as "Smartacus" and "L'il Luda."


  1. luda is indeed a father. This a best way to bring up a child. Not by giving giant automobile toys. She is so pretty.

  2. Good one from luda ,