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Friday, December 9

Gulder ultimate search 8 Winner Emerges tommorow

   After 13 gruelling weeks in Edo State, Gulder Ultimate Search Season 8 ends tommorow .Kelvin Durst, Promise Ojiegbe and Anastasia Azike, Anthony Igwe, Christopher Okagbue, Fejiro Ejogbamu, Tony Horfall, Sunday Gyang and Patience Ihongbe  made the topten contenders but four were evicted  leaving six .
     The survivors are Kelvin Durst, Anthony Igwe, Tony Horsfall, Christopher Akagbue, Fejiro Ejogbamu and Anastasia Azike, who is the last female contestant standing.Anastasia will automatically get N1M  for being the last girl standing.
The winner walks away with  N7M ,a brand new SUV and N500,000 wardrobe allowance for one year.
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