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Friday, October 14

Lagbaja to sunday Are;You are a liar

    Entertainment practitioner and Manager of many top artistes ,Sunday Are granted an interview recently and claimed that he built  many artistes to reach the top.Part of the artistes he mentioned was Lagbaja,but he(lagbaja) has called all sunday are said in the interview lies. 

 Sunday Are 's interview,
    “Most people don’t really know what I’ve achieved in my life. How would anyone know that I was the one that set up Tunde and Wunmi Obe’s band? How many people know I set up D’Banj and the Mo’hits band? “Nobody remembers that I took Obesere to Sony Music and helped him record Asakasa, O.B.T.K, Mr. Teacher. Nobody knows I worked alongside Laolu Akins, Shina Peters, Wasiu Ayide Marshal and many others”. On Lagbaja, he said, “We had a concept which was to have a faceless human being that can sing, play the instrument and dance. Initially, we were using one of our friends, Kunle Ojomo. And at a time, we used different persons to wear the mask. But one day, I told Lagbaja that he needed to start wearing the mask.
When I told him that he had to start wearing the mask, he was angry at the beginning. I told him the concept was most suitable for one who plays the instrument and who can also dance. He could sing, dance and play the instrument. But after three months of trying out the mask, he got used to it and now Lagbaja has come to stay. But it took my iron hand to achieve that and I thank God”. 

Lagbaja's response according to National Mirror

I feel a little shame that I would sink as low as to respond to the megalomaniac rant of Sunday Are. I typically would never respond to such, for I live by a different code. Let me simply state unequivocally that every single claim that Sunday Are made in these articles about his role with Lagbaja, is an absolute lie. Every single one; never happened”. 

   Yinka Oyedeji, Lagbaja’s ex- manager, also refuted Sunday Are’s claims, saying he worked with them only as a sound engineer.
“In fact, he was the sound engineer for the band, not at the studio during recordings. Sunday left the band because he could not handle the sophisticated equipment the band got for its performances later and we had to get another person”