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Saturday, October 8

     Eminem’s friend and long-time associate rapper Chaos Kid - aka James Deel - was found dead this week after committing suicide.
    Deel is believed to have killed himself a few days before being found. According to AllHipHop, details of the incident are scarce but the two went way back, meeting in their home town of Detroit, Michigan and then becoming friends sometime around 1988. The duo went on to rap and produce together for the next four years.
The teens performed and released music together as ‘Bassmint Productions’ and 'Soul Intent' when they were in high school and can be found performing together on early demos.
   A memorial is being held next week for the MC who came to Shady’s defence when he was accused of being a racist in 2003 for using the N-word in a track saying: “Marshall Mathers is not a racist, Although the songs were in bad taste, they were not intended to be taken seriously or even heard and do not represent the true sentiments of Eminem.”