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Wednesday, September 14

Miss France Laments- We were all surprised by Miss Angola's Victory

      Angola's representative at the recently held Miss universe in Brazil  ,Leila Lopes won.She beat out other 88 competitors from around the world but Miss france Laury Thilleman wasn't satisfied with Leila lopes's victory .

She lamented in an interview with french news website

   "It's the only girl that I did not too well known. We did not see her much, she was very discreet. She was often in jeans and no makeup. We were all surprised by his victory. Many girls have made ​​efforts that have not been rewarded. I do not know, there's something missing in his temperament. The fact that the contest will be held in Brazil has certainly played (Angola is a former Portuguese colony ed) ".

Do you think she was right? share your thoughts below!!!!!


  1. being a model is not about makn up,she came to win,u fine for nutn wat did u ansa for God sake dis angola girl is intelligent

  2. she is a racist for saying that , loser