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Wednesday, September 7

Eva Rebrands To Evaezi

   Who wants to compete with heavy weights like Eva Longoria, Eva Mendes and Rapper Eve?
Well, definitely not Nigerian singer Eva.
     The lady honourably bowed out of the ‘Eva race’ and changed her name.
In this cyber-google world of ours its important that people can find you at  the first click.
So Nigeria’s Eva is now Evaezi.
That is her full (native) name actually. She is from the Isoko tribe and the name means “A pure and honest heart/soul”.

     Okay so now we could google her up a lot easier.The lady has been nominated in two categories of the Hip Hop World Awards for 2011:
 She is contending for the Recording of the Year award and Best Female Vocal performance award.

   Her next album tentatively titled “The Core of Me“ is also cooking.
But she did not only change her name, she also changed her look; cropped almost bald head with a smear of blonde in the front: A silky shiny look.
She came into the industry with the single, ‘No Cry’ and says her music is still evolving saying that her latest release, ‘Better Than Her’ testifies to this evolution.

      About her music she is quoted as saying: “I find myself wanting to experiment more… to bridge the gap between the African and the Western… The type of music I do today is afrocentric in nature but experimental in pattern.”

    It is also speculated that the change in name and look stems from the broadening of her horizon.
A suggestion that she might actually be going head to head with the other Evas in the showbiz global village hence the need to distinguish herself more. 

     A quote from her seems to affirm this speculation: “. I wanna stay grounded in my roots in terms of identity as I reach for the sky, especially now that I am in talks with interested international distributors.”
And if you think the near bald look is a little extreme for a thick chic like Evaezi, well she is also quoted to have said: “I hate being predictable!”.

By the way the name is pronounced  ay-vah-ay-zee.