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Thursday, August 18

Nigerian accent ranked fifth sexiest in the world by CNN

    CNN just ranked Nigerian accent fifth sexiest in the world . see the details of the ranking below

1.Italian accent
2.French accent
3.Spanish accent
4.Czech accent
5.Nigeria accent

CNN  comment;Some Nigerians are actually worth giving your bank account information to
Famous tongues;King suny Ade Omotola jalade ekehinde,
 Dignified, with just a hint of willful naiveté, the deep, rich “oh’s” and “eh’s” of Naija bend the English language without breaking it, arousing tremors in places other languages can’t reach. Kinda makes the occasional phone scam worth the swindle.
Sounds like: The THX intro with teeth

      The comment is a funny one indeed. is their ranking and comment correct? share your thoughts below


  1. I want to quickly say the background of this page is very bad. Meanwhile, I think Nigerian accent is very provocative at time and interesting sometimes!

  2. lmao...all these white girls here don suffer for my hand be that nw!! lol

  3. Wow CNN jus downgrade Nigeria ,very terrible

  4. While we appreciate d compliment,nt too many pple wil understand d basis/humour in ur comment buh tnx anyway!