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Monday, August 22

"Musa" My baby's daddy

      Bisi ! Bisi ! I’m going to ask for the last time,Who is the father of the child you are carrying”? Mother asked ,staring at me eyes wide open ,expecting an instant answer.
“Mum,we don’t have to do this again,I ‘m an adult,I’ll be fine .when am ready to talk,I ‘ll let you know,just calm down.”I replied.

    “Calm down my foot” !!!!,daddy said in an angry tone ,pointing his fingers directly at my face,’’Enough of all this nonsense, we are your parents,we have not given you out to a man in marriage,so getting pregnant out of wedlock is a big insult to my name.To crown it all,you don’t even know who is responsible for your pregnancy,I never knew I was raising a slut,your mother was so decent when I met her,she’s nothing like you.

   “Dad!!!,please stop” , I interrupted,I’m not a slut.If you insist on knowing,Musa is the father of my baby.Minutes passed , I watched my parents looking intensely at me.
In a shaken,very angry voice dad said,’’You mean the father of your baby is named Musa or are you implying that Musa the gateman put you in the family way” father asked in a stamerring voice.

“Yes dad,Musa the gateman is the father of my child” I replied.“Hehee!! Mo gbe oo!!! “Mother shouted in a weeping voice.”Bisi ,tell me it’s not true,”she said
“Musa,Musa.!!!!!”….dad roared and opened the main door,I could hear Musa’s faint voice from the gate.

“Oga,Oga, I dey come”,he said ,Strolling into the sitting room,with a roasted corn in his right hand,”Oga na me be dis “he said in a mouth filled with grains of corn.
Moving very close to Musa, “ what is going on between you and bisi,and is it true you are the father of the child in her womb?” Father asked  Kai!! Oga o,why you dey vex,na small matter o.Na love hook me o,When small madam my Adevisi come back from Amelica,wen I see am ,the collection just enter walahi .We dey in love,like how oyinbo people dey talk am,God come bless d love to say,she come get belle .I know say God get hand for the love walahi because,Oga as you see me so,hmmm..for that my room wey dey for gate walahi,I don attack many girls there,pepper,groundnut ,tomato seller,even that girl wey dey sell puff puff for junction sef,no one of dem get belle for me walahi ,but my Adevisi,just one attack,she carry belle.

  “Will you shut up,you good for nothing gold digger.”father interrupted.“Haba,oga,you dey collect when you talk say I good.yes,I be good good man,but I no be gold digger, I like dis gateman work wey I dey do, I no like digging papa na well digger,na well he die inside,oga..abeg no change my work, I like my gateman work” .Musa replied

     Pacing around the sitting room,dad turned to me and said ‘’Bisi ,just look at your life,I sent you to the best school in the U.S ,made you one of the executives in my company after you graduated,and all you could settle for is this thing.A man that cannot even pronounce your name,he calls you Visi’’.Looking so heart brokened,he sluggishly sat on the couch.

   In a defensive calm voice,I replied” Dad,mum ,Love just happens,we don’t choose who we fall in love with,it comes naturally ,I simply just love him”.
“Will you shut up!!! You are nothing but an ingrate,now both of you listen carefully,Musa you are fired,and as for you,I want you to get rid of that thing in your stomach,or else you seize to be my daughter” .father said
     Musa walked away defenseless, I tried calling him back.Mum , dad I’m sorry,wherever he goes ,I go I love him.I said and ran after musa.
Bisi!,Bisi! Come back here!!!! Mum and dad shouted
I could hear my name,but it was more than two people calling me.I jolted out of my was all dream.

      Happy birthday to you ,happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you bisi,happy birthday to you.I could hear familiar voices singing close to my bed.
Happy birthday swt sis.....just freshen up..we actually decided to surprise you by hosting a midnight party for you,this is your last birthday party before you become Mrs daniels said Tosin my sister.

      We will be waiting for you downstairs,hurry up said kunle,I watched as they all hurriedly left my room one after the other.
Wait!! I interrupted, where is musa?Oh ,musa travelled to the Kaduna,his wife just put to bed ,you know how much he loves his wife.he sent his apology that he might not be able to make it to your wedding that is taken place next week.
“I think the dream you had is still taking a toll on you” a voice sitting close to me all this while said.i turned to look,it was Tade my fiancé.
I shifted close to him,holding me in a warm embrace.” I can’t wait to marry you and start making babies “ Tade said.
“Yes ,just your babies alone” I replied..!!!!!


  1. Relieved for the girl that it was all a dream too :)

  2. Nice, and the mother crying is so funny.

  3. i like the storyline,full of suspense and the end too , nice one

  4. finally bisi you married musa o!in dreamland and had baby for him o!now in the realityland you want to marry again.i will tell musa for you...hahaha...what a nice dream meaning your marriage and children are fast on their way.