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Monday, August 8

Danny Young accuses Terry G of stealing owned song

    Terry G released his third official single Jah hailo from his forthcoming album Terryg zuz last week , but the information reaching us from danny young's representative now is that Danny young asked for Terry G's assistance few weeks ago on his new song Eli Jah that was released yesterday .

   Unfortunately Danny young travelled out of Nigeria to perform  in Dubai but  before he came back Terry G had released danny's supposedly owned track and changed the title to Jah hailo. Danny didn't have a choice than to reproduce  the song and titled his own Eli jah .

 in the lyrics of Eli jah ;copycat go copy my song on top say i wan make  he feature ,i call am say make he come chop,he come commot my hand for the pot 

We have posted the two songs before but listen again below

Listen to Terry G' jah Hailo

Listen to Danny Young's Eli jah

  We are leaving you Terry G and danny young's fans and readers to tell us what you feel about this,please tell us in your comments below.

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  1. Terry G shoulnt ve done that , maybe its hightime someome sues him