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Thursday, September 1

Mo' Cheddah faces assault allegations

     R & B singer Mo Cheddah is in the center of what could turn out to be her first major scandal.
The young lady is being accused of assaulting a man known as Jide Aboderin.
     The man is said to have bombarded his twitter timeline with the matter saying the singer and her boy friend had come down on him because he called her 'big nose'.
he was said to have tweeted "you have a big nose"

      He said Mo Cheddah and her man made insults rain on him and Mo Cheddah threatened to cut off his daughter's fingers and feed them to her on her birthday.

  The buzz is spreading through the media and is pretty contrary to the young and sweet image the singer has worked so hard to build.
   Aboderin is said to have claimed that they had met at David O studio in Lagos and Mo Cheddah's boyfriend had taken aim at him and missed but ended up hitting someone's wife.

Aboderin is credited with these statements: 
“Mo'cheddah, her fat nose, her bf, his kpomo lips, all came to attack me while I was working in David O's studio today”.
“God made her nose that way. She can do surgery or deal with the comments. It comes with the spotlight. She cursed my daughter."

“As for the young man in question. I admire his courage. However, what happens next is out of my hands. He hit someone's wife in the process”.
“She said she would cut off my daughter's fingers and serve it to her on her birthday”.
“She also told me that I will bury my daughter. All because I said she has a big nose”.

Here are some pix of the tweets circulating the internet;

   The Aboderin involved here is suspected to be the Jide Aboderin, Chief Operating Officer at Found Catalogues Limited
Mo Cheddah who has in the past laughed off jabs about her nose has not made any statement as yet.