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Apr 1, 2020

Coronavirus : Davido Says He's Negative after Second test

Davido has gone for a second test for coronavirus and the result came out negative. I did a second test for the covid19 virus again .... once again I’m Negative .... He tweeted

 He revealed last week that his fiance Chioma was tested positive to the virus.
Star Wars actor Andrew Jack dies from COVID-19

 Star Wars actor and dialect coach Andrew Jack has died as a result of complications developed from coronavirus (COVID-19).
As well as working as a dialect coach on films including Lord of the Rings, Men in Black: International and Avengers: Endgame, Jack was seen on-screen recently in the Star Wars films as he played the role of Major Caluan Ematt in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.
Jack's representative Jill McCullough confirmed that the 76-year-old had passed away this morning (March 31) at a hospital near London.
"Andrew lived on one the oldest working houseboats on the Thames, he was fiercely independent but madly in love with his wife; also a dialect coach; Gabrielle Rogers," she said in a statement to

Mar 31, 2020

Actor Daniel Dae Kim Recovered from Coronavirus

     Daniel Dae Kim announced he’s “virus free,” 10 days after publicly revealing he tested positive for COVID-19. The 51-year-old Lost alum explained Sunday he “had a bit of a setback” after his last health update.
“This disease is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and this past week was no exception. So, the day after my last video, my course of treatment ended,” the actor revealed on social media. “I was feeling healthier, as I mentioned, and I thought it would be good to just let my immune system take charge the rest of the way. But, maybe I was a bit too confident. A day after, I started to feel sluggish, tired. I was still congested and weirdly I lost my sense of smell, which led to a loss of sense of taste.”
   Last week, Kim shared that he was taking hydroxychloroquine (an antimalarial drug), Tamiflu, azithromycin (commonly known as a Z-pack) and a glycopyrrolate inhaler. At the time, he said he said he felt “practically back to normal.”
Daniel's with his dog after recovery

 “The good news is I never had a fever again, the bad news is I still didn’t feel right,” he admitted. “Since then, my doctor told me that these symptoms are commonly associated with what’s called post-viral inflammation and it’s part of our body’s natural recovery process. For me, this lasted on and off for a couple of days, but I’m told in people it can last up to a few weeks.”
The New Amsterdam star declared he’s “now considered virus free.
 New York City becomes the epicenter of America’s largest Coronavirus outbreak
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, briefing reporters on Monday, said that the worst of the coronavirus outbreak was yet to come, even as another 253 people died in the state in a 24-hour period. He said that 1,218 people had died in New York, up from 965 on Sunday morning.
“If you wait to prepare for a storm to hit, it is too late,” the governor said. “You have to prepare before the storm hits. And in this case the storm is when you hit that high point, when you hit that apex. How do you know when you’re going to get there? You don’t.”
  • New York reported almost 7,000 new cases of the virus, bringing the total to nearly 66,500. Most of the cases were in New York City, where, officials reported later on Monday, 38,087 people had been infected.
  • The number of virus-related deaths in New York City rose to 914 Monday afternoon, up 138 from around the same time Sunday, officials said.