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Thursday, November 7

T.I Gets Slammed for Checking on her Daughter's Virginity

     T.I. has been in the hot seat all day over comments he made about his 18-year-old daughter Deyjah Harris' virginity.
During a recent episode of the Ladies Like Us podcast, Tip admitted to taking her on yearly visits to the gynecologist to ensure that she is still a virgin.

    The rapper says he would peep the results during the annual check-ups to verify whether her hymen is intact, to gauge if she has been sexually active — a revelation that folks are finding misogynistic at best, and dangerously misinformed at worst.

   It appears that Deyjah shares the same sentiments as her father's critics. After the episode went live and T.I.'s comments spread across the internet, she began liking tweets about the situation that labeled the "Whatever U Like" rapper's actions as disgusting, invasive and possessive.
"This is disgusting, possessive and controlling," one tweet reads, with another adding, "'Give me my results' first of all mf, those are HER results!! Like WTF."