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Nov 27, 2019

RMD takes on the role of father of BB Naija's Mike in a new movie to come

The veteran actor took to his social media page on Tuesday to announce the new collaboration with the reality TV star in the upcoming movie — which also turns out to be Mike’s Nollywood debut.
“Meet my new son mike of bbn2019. I love my job. I get to not only meet people but be their friends or father or brother. All through the big brother season my 17 year old daughter was one of those rooting for Mike and here I m about to play his dad and begin a new journey,” he wrote. “Reveal reveal later. See why I will always remain a cool dad? Imagine my daughter this Christmas back home telling all her friends that she can call and speak to him anytime.. So the question… do we look like father and son?” #rmdsaysso
Mike came as the first runner up at the 2019 BBNaija .

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