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Nov 28, 2019

Andy Ruiz Jr tells Anthony Joshua to his face that he ‘quit’ in first fight, plans to end his career in rematch

The unified heavyweight world champion also stated that he’s planning to end AJ’s career in their upcoming rematch as he sees the fight as a ‘him or me’ scenario.

The Mexican-American replied: “A little bit. I feel he quit because of the way that it was won.

“I think he was still out of it, I didn’t think he knew where he was at that moment. I think that he quit.”

Joshua replied: “The referee waved off the fight. It’s just opinion, innit. I roll with it, I ride with it, I’m a champion through and through, no matter what anyone says to me.”

When asked if he’d ever do the same thing in that situation, Ruiz replied: ”Depends how hurt I was. I’m not gonna quit, if I fall I fall.”

Joshua then said: “The conclusion is, ‘I quit,’ but I feel like why wouldn’t I have stayed though?”

Ruiz appeared to agree: “He was still up, the referee was the one that waved it off.”

And AJ responded again: “Why wouldn’t I have stayed though? He hit me with a shot I couldn’t recover from and I still stuck in there.”

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