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Saturday, February 10

Victoria Beckham To Reunite With Spice Girls Reunion For Concert Tour

Report has been made known that the Spice Girls will reunite for a concert tour, probably towards the end of summer. This tour will begin in England and migrate over to the U.S.

Victoria Beckham, who went from wanting nothing to do with a Spice Girls reunion will now be fully on board for the show.

According to TMZ, the reason for her change of decision is  largely because she wants to step out of her husband, David Beckham’s shadow and do her own thing again.

The sources said Victoria wants to “individualize herself” and ironically she’s doing that by rejoining her group, or as she’s put it, “her girls.”

Some views have said its cause of the money, since she is surely going to be paid for the tour

Guys, what do u feel is her reason for joining back with the group?.

Your comments are appreciated.