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Thursday, February 1

Former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Powede Lawrence Awujo welcomed a baby boy

Former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Tourism 2013, Powede Lawrence Awujo, got married in September last year has welcomed a baby boy this January.

She posted the baby picture on Her social media page saying:

"This year started with nothing short of blessings and I’m still in awe of being a mother, you see my dear son came to the world smiling and has been smiling ever since.😁😁😁
Nothing compares to the feeling of having life inside you and bringing forth life. 🀰🏽🀱🏽Bitter sweet they say but all that bitter goes away when I see this cute happy face.πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜†
My joy is full! My God did it again.❤️