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Tuesday, January 16

"Nigerians were impatient with my music"- Efe

The dream of Efe is to be a rapper and entertain Nigerians. he has been able to fulfill the first part of being a rapper; after cashing out his 25 million naira from Big Brother, but hasn't fulfill the other part of entertaining Nigerians; as there have been lot of criticism as regards to his music.

The Big Brother Naija winner believes that it is impatience that has made Nigerians criticize his music.


Efe Ejeba, now popularly known as Efe Money, has revealed that he has recorded several songs, and Nigerians were impatient with his music.

The rapper who came into the stardom when he emerged winner of the 2017 reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, has been dropping records with the aim of breaking through as an artist. He said this in an interview with HipTV, adding that he’ll be releasing them soon.


Efe has had to endure and ride negative critical feedback of his music. The singer who works closely with a producer named Duktor Sett, has an EP titled “Lagos.”

Efe added that it’s impatience that has stopped Nigerians from enjoying his music. He became known through a lifestyle platform, he said, so it was sort of a surprise for people that he’s doing music.

“It’s just impatience, you know…I have recorded over 100 songs, and it’s because I have not been bringing them out,” he says.

Efe, actually still belief that his music will be the next wave. According to him, although Nigerians have not gotten used to his kind of sound, with time and persistence, they’ll get bitten by the bug and they’ll flow with his vibe.

“I stand to say here that very soon, it will be the wave,” Efe declared.

He however thanked Nigerians for liking his recent song 'I Love You.' Watch him speak below: