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Saturday, January 13

Mayweather and McGregor in social media battle

It seems the fight that was held last year between Floyd and Connor has not been finished even after the referee decision as both of them seem to have come back against each other in a twitter battle

Floyd Mayweather, who seems  to be the one to have started the clash posted an image on Twitter which says: 'Conor McGregor allegedly punched a member of the Irish cartel and may have a €900,000 bounty on his head', with the caption 'I already f****d you up in 2017, now they about to f*** you up in 2018'.

Later, McGregor responded with the short reply: 'I am the cartel.'

Later on, the two fighters dragged each other on instagram by sharing pictures of each other during their mega-bout last summer.

The Irishman took the first shot after posting an image of Mayweather as he appeared to be protecting his head from Conor, while captioning the picture 'Violate these nuts'.

The American replied with a picture that showed him punched
 McGregor. 'You violate and I will demonstrate!!'  the undefeated retired boxer wrote.

Finally, Mayweather asked his followers to caption the picture of him landing a killer punch on the mixed martial artist as sweat flies from his face.

See their post below :