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Wednesday, January 17

Layole Oyatogun recounts 2017 ordeal

  Though we all looked  happy and cute as we were entering into the new year,, they were obviously some things that wasn't nice about last year.
Media Perosnality Layole Oyatogun Reveals How She Found Out She Was The Sidechick On Xmas Day;last year.

Layole Oyatogun has taken to her social media page to share her worst ordeals of 2017 in a somewhat lenghty post she shared.

“Welcome 2018! For a while I’ve been waiting for you, waiting to turn this chapter, waiting for this chance to begin anew! pray tell me, will you be good to me? PLEASE WILL YOU?
Year 2017 was a nasty era, I remember in January of that year I made the proverbial proclamation..”this year is my year”, I disown it now, too many trials on top tribulation. In October i lost my dearest mum, my one true rock!

On Christmas day i found out I was the side chick! I couldn’t get in because my boyfriend had another girl in his house, the list goes on. I have closed the chapter called 2017 in my life, I won’t curse it, won’t nurse it, even rehearse it in the least bit, But surely, however slowly, i will disperse it so God can reverse it.
Don’t get me wrong, still I’m grateful for a lot! life, health and a whole lot more cos just like gold, i went through the fire but came back super lit! I give God all the glory.
2018!!! I have found strength within.. So lets take it from here, let’s take this amazing journey together. With God & guts, UNSTOPPABLE is the word.

Happy New Year People!”