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Sunday, January 14

Cosy Ojiakor loses dad

Cossy Ojiakor is in a state of mourning as she lost her father to the cold hands of death.

The actress opened up about her sad incident of  her instagram page when shed shared a picture of her late father and wrote;

Dad… Its so surreal….but.. Its OK. God knows best.. Don’t even know how to start.. Got news about you this morning. Your phone been off. Can it be true Dad… I know you have been so stressed of late. How can you start building another house at this age. When I heard your good friend . my God father Mr Ezeukwu died. I tried calling you but your phone is switched off. Pls call me now dad. Am well now. You always called to ask me if I have started sitting down after the operation . yes dad am sitting down sweets. You wanted to spend Christmas’s in the playgirl mansion.. But… I traveled out… Am so sorry dad.. Pls call me.