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Tuesday, May 12

Christina Milian Shows Off Tattoo Bearing Lil Wayne's Name

Christina Milian is crazy in love with Lil Wayne and she keeps proving it by the day.

Recently,the singer showed off a new tattoo on Snapchat that reads, "Love Hard TNT which stands for "Tina N' Tunechi" which she previously had shaved into her head.The tattoo is obviously a symbol of their love.

According to Christina Milian,it is her first tattoo with someone's name on her body.
In addition to the tattoo, Tina also gushed about her relationship on Twitter when a fan called Lil Wayne a "lucky man."

Known for her failed relationships with other celebrities like Nick Cannon,Polo Da Don,The American Dream (her baby daddy), Dre (of "Cool & Dre).It is shocking why she would the name of her boyfriend and rapper Lil Wayne.

She again posted a photo of a new gift from the rapper,a bracelet bearing the same TnT signature. Milian captioned: ''Perfect. Thank you Bae. T n T #LoveOnFleek''