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Saturday, April 11

Reason Why Jaden Smith Dresses Like A Girl

No gender norms for Will Smith's actor(and rapper)son,Jaden.Recently,prying questions about his dress sense sparked an uproar on the internet. Jaden was spotted unmistakenly dressed like a female and we can only wonder why.

Weird or quirky?we can only wonder what Jaden is getting up to.The Karate kid actor's getup is odd but it is believed that the young actor isn't shy to explore trends and he is bent on making a bold fashion statement.

It was reported that his sister,Willow(who is also a singer)borrows his outfits since they look feminine.Undoubtedly,it is a weird fashion choice and nothing more.Jaden will continue wearing dresses and girls' clothing for a very long time.

So,what does Jaden's celebrity parents,Will and Jada have to say about this.The 'Ali' star couple have leant to live with their son's choices as they are not in the least worried about Jaden's trendy decision to wear dresses.