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Sunday, April 12

Rapper Nelly Arrested For Felony Drug Charges

Hip hop artist,Nelly has been arrested after illegal substances and weapons was found in his tourbus by the Tennessee state trooper.

Cornell Haynes,popularly known as Nelly was arrested after his tour bus was stopped.The Tennessee State Police apprehended the rapper after a search that led to the discovery of marijuana,meth and a couple of handguns.

Nelly has been charged for drug possession along with one of the other five people in the bus and have been taken to the Putnam County Jail.

The award winning rapper's tour bus was stopped for not displaying legally required stickers.A state trooper smelled marijuana from the vehicle which prompted the search afterwards.

Authorities discovered drugs and a loaded gun on the rapper's tour bus at a border patrol checkpoint in west Texas in 2012. A member of the singer's entourage took the blame for the items and was arrested. Others on the bus including Nelly were released.