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Thursday, April 2

Katy Perry Accidentally Reveals Her Phone Number To Her Numerous Twitter Followers

Who is calling Katy Perry first?The 'Roar' singer recently made a regrettable mistake.While showing off her pet dog,Katy accidentally revealed her phone number to her 67 million Twitter followers.A rare priviledge.

Katy made a slip up when she posted a video of Butters(her pet dog) to the delight of her numerous fans.Unknown to the singer,her personal digits was revealed in the video.Epic!

Fortunately for Katy,her fans proved to be decent.You would have thought adoring fans will bombard her with incessant phone calls but warning her about the error and also urging themselves to respect the singer's privacy was totally unexpected.

In order to avert a worse fate as a result of her indiscretion,Katy resorted to deactivate her numbers and we can only hope this doesn't happen again just in case the singer decides to show off her cat,if she owns one.Who knows?