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Tuesday, April 14

A Picture Of Paul Walker's 'Ghost' And Vincent Diesel Has Gone Viral

Amidst the tributes commemorating the memory of late Hollywood actor,Paul William Walker and his last acting role in 'Furious 7' is a stunning picture created by a very imaginative fan of the actor. has made this stunning tribute to the late Hollywood star.

The picture shows Vin Diesel leaning against a car, with the silhouette of Paul Walker standing next to him.

Paul Walker died after he sustained injuries in a car accident alongside his friend,Roger Rodas in November 2013.He was midway filming 'Furious 7' at the time in which he plays ' Brian O'Conner.'The rest of his peformance was completed using stunt doubles.

Over 51,000 fans have liked the photo while 224,000 people have shared it on Facebook.