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Thursday, March 19

Rihanna Takes Shot At Chris Brown,Calls Him A Beast

'Happy Ever After'' can hardly describe what happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna.Their publicized relationship ended amidst controversy and series of scandals.Riri might still be feeling a wee bit pained because she took the advantage of a simple question to insult Chris Brown.

During a recent interview with Time Magazine,Rihanna alluded her former boyfriend was The Beast when she was asked what animated movies she loved while growing up.Guessing a straightforward answer might have been Walt Disney's Beauty And The Beast,Rihanna went on to say

"I fell in love with the Beast,",pretty much my dating record so far."

Good to know Rihanna has a sense of humour.Their tumultous relationship is definitely a thing of the past but fans would never forget Beauty and the Beast in a hurry.Apt!