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Wednesday, February 11

50 Cent Takes Shots At Beyonce;Explains Why Beck Deserves The Album Of The Year Award

50 cent is one of the people rooting for Beck as deserving of the Album Of The Year Grammy over Beyonce.
Not in support of Kanye West's rant,50 Cent explained himself in an interview West,giving reasons why Beck deserved the award.

50 said he feels Beck deserved the win because Beck produced and wrote his song.Beyonce on the other hand had eleven producers on Beyoncé's album which doesn't make her creditworthy.The 'Get Rich or Die Trying' rapper insinuated Beck is more talented than Beyonce because she needed a lot of help in order to produce a great album.

Still slighted over his loss at the 2004 Grammy Award when he wasn't awarded the Best New Artist Award,the rapper felt he was robbed.