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Tuesday, December 2

Rumours indicate domestic abuse as Jay Z and Beyonce head towards a divorce

According to recent rumours,(which we hope are false),the Carters are going through a rough patch in their marriage.

The National Enquirer reported that Beyonce has been physically abusive towards Jay 7 lately and the situation might lead to a divorce

It has also been reported that the singer is going through an emotional breakdown as she has been acting out violently towards her rapper husband and even abusing alcohol.

It has been alleged sadly that the power couple might be heading for an expensive divorce as Beyonce has been accused to be the abusive partner(hitting both Jigga and booze).The stormy marriage has become a powder keg that would explode soon and it is obvious that the Beyonce and Jay Z are only together for the sake of their daughter, Blu Ivy

This is really bad.From Drunk in Love to the real thing.A Carter divorce would be epic.