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Saturday, December 20

Rihanna's dad reveals exclusive news about Chris Brown and Rihanna in new interview

Recently, Rihanna's father, Ronald Fenty, revealed private titbits about the infamous Chris Brown-Rihanna relationship in an interview and Mr Fenty went all out,also revealing how the couple ran into each other at a basketball charity game in August.

We don't know how Rihanna feels about her father's indiscretion as he went on to say a reunion between the superstars might not be possible because Rihanna wants nothing to do with Chris.

According to Mr Fenty, "When we was going to the car park he was trying to talk with her but she turned and was talking to somebody else, so he came and talked to me and I had a picture with him," Ronald adds. "Afterwards Robyn said, 'Dad you really taking pictures with he though?'"

Ronald also confessed in the interview with UK Daily Mail that he had to be escorted out of his daughter's inaugural Diamond Ball on Dec. 11 because he had been drinking at the event.