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Tuesday, December 2

50's bank account frozen over bad deal

Curtis Jackson is way past dying to get rich but according to gathered reports,50 cent would die trying to save his riches.

The rapper got involved in a deal when he failed to pay a sum of 17.2 million dollars to a company to market a particular brand of headphones called Sleek Audio. Sleek claimed 50 stole its design and then tried marketing it on his own.The rapper's personal bank account is off limits now except for his business accounts which he has complete access to due to the final judgement of the law.

Forbes estimates 50's worth at $140 million which means his account is currently in the black.A lawyer for 50 revealed that an appeal is being made for the Sleek Audio judgment, and the company has been "desperately attempting" to hold money from any accounts it can locate.

Clickety clank!no money in 50 cent's piggy bank.