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Monday, November 3

Revealed:Mariah Carey's exorbitant wardrobe budget as she gets sued by photographer

The standard celebrity lifestyle can be too much to maintain and songstress,Mariah Carey is quite on the high side.It was revealed recently that she charges nearly $85,000 just to look good(Too much?).

A photographer has sued Mariah's record label with claims that the photo shoot for the singer's album cover was cancelled for no reason.The photographer went ahead to outline exactly what it takes to get Mariah camera ready:Stylist -- $65,391Hair stylist -- $9,600Makeup artist -- $7,200Manicurist -- $2,400.The photog is suing for his fee which totaled $150,000.The record label claims they never fully agreed on the terms of the contract.

I guess with superstar entertainers like Mariah Carey,beauty is in the eye of whoever is looking.