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Thursday, October 2

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber alleged breakup and how she is coping with it.Again!

 Will they ever stay together? Selena has made it clear that she has called it quits with her on and off singer,boyfriend,Justin after she unfollowed him on Instagram.Selena Instagramed a pic to show the world how she is dealing with this heartbreak.
   Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez seemed to be so happy together.At this point,you might be wondering what led to the breakup.Justin had a date in Paris with Kendall Jenner and it is obvious it didn't go down well with her.Selena seems to be pretty upset about the situation, judging from her heartbreaking tweets.

   They have both spent that past few weeks on romantic vacations together. The couple seemed to be happier than ever until they arrived in Paris.
   It was the next day when Selena unfollowed Justin and tweeted the sad messages. That night, though, Selena posted an Instagram pic to show off that she is doing just fine.
  "Ladies night in with Alice in her wonderland," she captioned the pic.She is surrounded with with friends and won't be going through the situation alone.