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Sunday, October 5

Rihanna to record with Drake and Chris Brown

  Rihanna is either being very mature or she has just simply moved on as the Barbados singer said recently that she wouldn't mind collaborating with her exes as she wishes them nothing but the absolute best.

Now it was gathered that when Rihanna hears Chris and Drake's music,you would think that she would ask the music to be turned off if it's playing at a nightclub or somewhere she's at but that's not the case at all.
Despite her relationships(which never worked out) with the two lightskinned music acts, Rihanna featured Chris on her hit single "Birthday Cake" in 2012 and that same year she also recorded music with Drake in 2011, 'Take Care" and in 2010 "What's My Name."

Despite the fact that Drake made a joke about Rihanna during his concert in Texas about how if he had dance moves like Chris maybe it would have worked between them.You know for Rihanna, music is the one thread that bonds people together," she says. "I don't know what she'd be doing if it were not for making music. She loves her work so much and is inspired by music that she would record with Drake and or Chris or maybe even both together.

Interesting,glad she is handling it well,a collabo with the three of them would be worth the wait.Hopefully.