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Monday, October 13

Kim Kardashian restricts Kanye west from other women mostly Amber Rose and Rita Ora

It has been reported several times that Kim Kardashian is the spouse being dominated in her marriage with superstar rapper but recently,it was revealed that the reality tv star has made rules of her own considering their marriage.

Kim is putting her foot down on her husband's social relationships with beautiful women like Amber Rose and Rita Ora.Safe to say,her decision is inspired by jealousy.Kim has told Kanye that she trusts him, but doesn't trust the other women.

It is the natural thing any woman would do.There are chances that Kanye west could be 'the port in any storm' for Amber Rose since her seperation from Wiz Khalifa and Kim has ruined the chances of that happening.She also went ahead to tell him he would pay dearly if he contacted Amber.

Kim seems to be on a warpath as another woman she has also warned Kanye from contacting is Rob(her brother)'s ex considering the fact that both of them would like to hit the studio together.She thinks Rita is so desperate for fame that she wouldn't hesitate to sleep with Kanye if it helped her career.

What can I say?her paranoia is second to none.If she were any more paranoid,she won't let Kanye out of the house.