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Friday, October 10

Ellen Degeneres to host the Oscars?

  There are speculations that the popular talk show host and comedienne,Ellen Degeneres has been invited back to emcee the 2015 Academy Awards show
   She was witty,natural and funny this year as many of her antics at the 2014 Academy awards can be easily recalled.From ordering a pizza during the 2014 Academy Awards to taking the most viewed selfie of all time (with more than 1.2 billion re-tweets to date), Ellen DeGeneres has proven to be an Oscar host favourite.
   It is no surprise that Ellen DeGeneres has been invited back to host next year's Academy Awards show.It was a pleasure to have her host the the last show that producers did not hesitate to ask her for to host again.
  Will she bring the house down next year like she did this year?let us wait and see.