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Wednesday, September 10

Taylor Swift accuses katy perry of stealing her dancers

  Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are at each others' throats and we have got wind of what led to the beef.Taylor is accusing Katy of being a thief because three of Taylor's dancers have joined Katy's tour.

Taylor felt betrayed because she became very close to the dancers and considered them family.

Now,this is the plot as we have it. The dancers had actually worked with Katy first, but when Katy's tour ended several years ago they needed work. So they signed up as dancers during Taylor's tour.We're told the dancers told Taylor up front and they did not want to sign for the full tour -- they wanted a 30-day out, and we're told it's because they were just waiting for Katy to go back on tour.When Katy hit the stage again, they gave their 30-day notice, but Taylor lost her temper and fired them.This happened a year ago but we're told Taylor held a grudge, which boiled over when she wrote a song -- "Bad Blood" -- alluding to Katy screwing her over.It's turned into a full on war.

Now,Taylor Swift is smarting from the betrayal and equally spitting venom and Katy has responded on Twitter.

It is obviously leading to something really unpleasant,we just hope with time,they will be able to have a cessation of hostilities and bury the hatchet.Hopefully.