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Monday, September 15

Statue unveiled in memory of Amy Winehouse

   It has been three years since embattled pop star Amy Winehouse passed at the age of 27.

Yesterday,the singer would have been 31 years if she was alive.Her parents Mitch and Janis. Have unveiled a Amy Winehouse statue in London to honor her memory.

 The late singer Amy has been honored on what would have been her 31st birthday with a life-size statue in her beloved Camden Town neighborhood of north London.
  Winehouse would still be remembered by many fans as the statue is portrayed sporting her distinctive beehive hairdo.
  Winehouse's father Mitch said Sunday it was "incredibly emotional" to see the statue.

"It is like stopping her in a beautiful moment in time," he said. "We really hope Amy's fans love the statue."

Winehouse died three years ago after battling drug and alcohol abuse.

Her family have also set up a foundation to help young people struggling with similar problems.

Live on,Amy Winehouse,forever in our hearts.