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Wednesday, September 17

Snoop Dogg's homophobic slur:no love for homosexuals

Rapper,Snoop Dogg has gone over the top this time.The celebrity hip hop artiste posted a photo on social media clearly making his distaste of homosexuality obvious.

A photo of two men lying in bed together showed up on Snoop's Twitter and Instagram feeds, along with the following message:

"U n ya boyfriend since u like Jumpn on my page disrespectn bitch boy go suck ya man n get off my line f. A. G."

The post was deleted 30 minutes later, but not before it was captured.

So far, neither the rapper nor his reps have commented on whether he was actually behind the damning post, but in an interview with the Huffington Post last year, Snoop Dogg said that he didn't have a problem with gay marriage.

"Satisfy yourself accordingly," he said. "I have no issues with nobody, I live for me and I live my life doing what I do, so you should have the right to do whatever you want to do."