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Tuesday, September 9

"I cant go broke no more" -Timaya

   Timaya aka Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa is a successful Nigerian music star who has risen to stardom and become a platinum album selling star.
  The dancehall star is boasting that he can never be broke in his life again and he wants his 'enemies' to be well aware of that.
Timaya has done so well for himself since he came out with his debut album years ago and since then, Timaya has risen to pinnacle and now says that no man can ever bring him down.

Today, Timaya is a proud owner of expensive cars and houses and also loads of investments.

He took to his Twitter account to tell those he perceived as his detractors to take note that he can never be broke, beg for food or cry again in his life.

Yes Timaya, whom God has blessed, no man can curse.In his own words:TIMAYA @TIMAYATIMAYA
Can't go broke no more, I lost the ability to go broke. #neverbowdown#alubarika.#GOD'sblessings 
I use to be a plantain seller but am so sorry haters I ave been liberated,i dont beg or cry no… .