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Friday, September 12

Nicki Minaj fans blast school principal for refusing her request to speak to them

Miss Anaconda's request to speak to the students(with future ambitions to be like her) of her alma mater has been refused by the principal.Nicki Minaj claims her New York City alma mater barred her from speaking to high schoolers. 'That school changed my life and I wanted to pay it forward to the students there now,' she tweeted.

The star took to Twitter to express her disappointment about the refusal of a good cause because all she wanted to do is share her experience in the music industry and inspire the students of her former school.

"I wanted to go back to my HS and speak to students but the new principal declined," she tweeted to her 18 million followers. "No need to inspire them, I guess."

The Queens-raised singer said she wanted to "pay it forward" to a school that changed her life.

The school have come forward to say that Nicki's proposed visit was part of an MTV production and would interfere with school. The proposed visit was part of an MTV production involving a film crew, making it a non-starter on short notice.

An alternative time was suggested for the singer to appear at the school, such as a weekend date but she and MTV declined because of her tight schedule.

As expected,the students are disappointed and have voiced a protest on social protest about the singer not showing up.

I presume the school refused Nicki Minaj because of her raunchy persona thinking it would be a bad influence on the students,just my opinion or maybe the school is averse to snakes(bad joke).