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Tuesday, September 23

Kendrick Lamar talks about new single,his verse on 'Control' and his joint album with J cole


Kendrick Lamar dropped by the Power 106 studio for an interview with Big Boy and Rikki Martinez recently to talk about his new single 'I' from his highly anticipated album.

Kendrick talked about the creative process behind the record, and why he wanted to come with a different sound on his first single this time around. He also spoke on the "Control" verse one year later and what his current relationships are like with J. Cole and Drake, saying that it is all good and he respects both of them as artists.

The long-awaited joint album between Kendrick and J. Cole album is definitely in the works after the release of his next album. When talking about his new album, Kendrick said that there is no release date as of now, but he is locked in the studio constantly working, and that he has seven songs he really likes, and about 30 others that he doesn't.