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Sunday, September 28

Kanye West gropes Kim's butt in affectionate moment

     Kanye West has a special way of showing affection to his romantic lovers.The superstar rapper star and his reality tv star wife are in France for the Paris Fashion Week and from all the evident photos of them exploring the fashion city, Kanye is having the time of his life with a 'lot' on his hands.

While heading out for a Paris night out, the couple was seen in an awkward moment(not that awkward since they both made vows). However,Instagram sure went buckwild when this suggestive picture was seen last night.Whoop,whoop.

Kim shared a photo of Kanye is seen grabbing her butt while they both descended a stair case. Meanwhile,it was obvious she liked(or likes) being handled that way as she did nothing to stop him; instead she even leaned on him, loving his suggestive moves.

Mrs. West was wearing a brown Margiela Bodysuit, brown Wolford Skirt and a grey pair of Gianvito Rossi Boots. Kanye wore his signature 'Yeezus' over sized t-shirt and black jeans and kicks.

He has done it so many times,they just had to be kind enough to show us this once.